Smile Makers

We thank everyone that has given and supported the recipients of our foundation. All of their smiles have been made reality because of you.

Leadership Givers

We would like to give a shout-out our donors who went beyond in giving—whether that was a magnanimous donation, sponsoring an event, or going more than the extra mile in service. Not everyone who donated is listed but all donations are appreciated and we thank you for your generosity!

Green Bay Packers

Seattle Seahawks


Jan Adler

Stanley Bedker

Shari Blohm

Todd Bonime

Buck Briggs

Gilbert “Gravedigger” Brown

Beth & Steve Bretzman

Dean & Rita Brub

Robin Banell

Pete Carroll

Veronica Coulter

Kathy Cummings

Tom Dempsey

Cindy Dhein

Santana Dotson

Kristen Drew

Laurie Elliott

Paul Etsekson

Michele F.

Theresa Farrell

Nick & Nikki Fenton

Libby Finnessy

Suzanne & Rob Fleming

David Gale

Gary & Jodi Gelder

Ford Ginter

Dan Hanson

Beth Heckel

Chris Hendricks

Lauren Hilton

Marie Hongisto

Milla Huebner

Todd Jansen

Natalie Lee

Gary Iverson

Pastor Raymond Jennings

Marti Jonjak

Don Kauffman

Michael Kerwin

Susan Klug

Knutzen Family

Michael Kuhnsman

Kevin Lemke

Brad & Jesse MacKinnon

Joshua Mantia

Gary Marolla

Bob Martin

Clay & Casey Matthews

Kellie McClanahan

Rachel Thomas Miller

Mark Murphy

Butch & Terry Myers

Annette Olsen

Joe Opdyke

Zahra Ozkan

George Page

Richard Pedersen

Sherron Perkins

Jane Posvic

Dale Powell

David Query

Risley Family

Derek Rosenthal

Michael & Howard Ruscin

Mark & Mandi S.

Robert Schlichting

John Schuh

Mitzi Scott

Yolanda Splane

Southwest Airlines

Michael Thompson

Katherine Thundercloud

Julie Vanstrom

Jason W.

Paul Wegner

Michael Wheeler

Dale Wirta

Mike Worachek

Scott Young

Christian Life Center

Lynn and Carl Hunt

Ahman and Marie Green

William Henderson

Marcus Trufant and Family

Green Bay Packers Alumni/p>

Chris Jacke

Dave Krieg

Marissa Janine-Page

Jeff and Deb Keiser

Josh and Heather Spain

Melissa Tengowski

Brian and Sharon McCall