Josh's Smile

Josh’s Smile-Beyond the Chair, is a charity formed to further the legacy of a man confined to a wheelchair who ministered to “the land of the walking”. We strive to do this in two ways.

First, to coordinate resources of the organization and donors, facilitating investment in people, and helping to instill joy into the lives of adults with a terminal diagnosis of 12 months or less. As these adults face the challenge of approaching the end of their lives, Josh’s Smile will help create forever moments, fulfilling lifelong dreams and memories shared with family left behind.

Second, and equally important, is to continue the mission that Joshua tried desperately to complete in his short life by inspiring a more compassionate world through teaching the public community to see deeper into who people are and looking beyond the wheelchair or the disabilities.

These two items speak volumes to who Josh was and what he hoped to accomplish in his mission field. We hope that we can continue the work and teaching that he so greatly exemplified.

  1. “The one thing that has never changed about Josh, no matter his pain, no matter what he has gone through, is his smile.” – his mother, Stacey McCall

    Josh’s dream was to go to Lambeau Field and watch his beloved Green Bay Packers in person. Josh’s dream came true on December 11, 2016.

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