Board of Directors


Stacey McCall

Chairman of the Board. In the past 30 years besides being Josh’s mom and biggest health advocate, she has run a multimillion-dollar business as well as worked in the health industry.


Raymond Jennings

Retired Pastor of Christian Life Center, Port Orchard Washington after 20 years of the being the truest form of a Good Samaritan.


Mitzi Scott

Has spent her lifetime caring for and giving to others selflessly. Mitzi attended Boise State University. Mitzi has become a Licensed Phlebotomist. Prior to be3coming a phlebotomist, Mitzi was an HCA, substitute teacher and junior high and high school coach, where she inspired the lives of young athletes to play with heart, play as a team, and play with sportsmanship.


Amy Alford

Administrative Assistant for Gateway Christian Schools where she enhances the lives of the next generation. Amy attended Washington State University and went on to be a Senior Employee Benefits Advisor before joining Gateway Christian Schools. Amy has been described as a professional who “defines the pinnacle of customer service, integrity, and dependability.”


Joshua Spain

Insurance agent at Farmers Insurance, where, for the last decade, he has dedicated his business to helping people achieve their dreams of owning their own home, owning their own business, or achieving financial independence. Joshua graduated from Kennedy Western University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management.

Peer Ambassadors

Mason McCall
Co Chair. Mason is a high school student who innately loves and always sees far beyond the chair to the person within. Mason is active in Performance Company, his school’s theater production group. Mason continues to accel academically and has made the Honor Roll every year.
Dylan Page
Co-Chair. Dylan is a college student with a decade of experience helping to motivate peers to find their “anti-drug”-something they are so passionate about that when pressure to try drugs comes, they can rely on their “anti-drug” and not succumb. Dylan inspires to see beyond the chair, helping students with physical and mental challenges participate in the performing arts.