Our Story


Our foundation came out of a need.

After finding out Josh McCall was terminally ill, we wanted to do all that we could do to give him some of the best moments of his life, as well as memories for his family.

We wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream: to see the Green Bay Packer play at Lambeau Field. We set out to do this and were able to get tickets to the game, but then we hit a wall.  We reached out to many foundations that support giving a person their dream, unfortunately, they couldn’t help us. Most programs are for children only, and the one other foundation that we did find, the timeline was way too short. Foundation after foundation, we were told "I’m so sorry."

We knew we had to find a way.

We started a GoFundMe profile and reached out to our community. With their support of nearly 300 donors, the help of local news agencies, Alumni organizations, we were able to reach our fundraising goal.

We have been blessed to give Josh his Smile.

We were fortunate in many ways, and we know that others might not be as fortunate. When it comes to your loved ones who are terminally ill, we don't think they should be told "So sorry, we can't help."

We set out to be that change we want to see in the world. We will grant the Smile of any loved one who has been challenged with wheelchair bounding condition.